The full story of my writing “career” will be told in the “Why this Website” essay, which is coming soon eventually. Maybe.

The very short version is that I have written six novels and am at work on a seventh. So far I haven’t found a publisher for any of them, but I’m still hoping. In fact, I’m hoping that putting them out here will help make it happen.

Below is a brief description of each one and a link to a teaser. If you should be a publisher or an agent who wants to see more, I would love to hear from you.1 If you are a reader who enjoys free fiction and would like to see more, I’d love to hear from you too.1

This is the first novel I ever finished. It’s very feminist, because I was very angry when I wrote it. It takes place “now” but I guess counts as “science fiction” because the plot involves parallel universes. It has been professionally edited and is ready for the big time.2 Adult content warning.3

This, like a lot of my stuff, is what I would call “real life with weirdness added.” It takes place some 25 years ago, at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. It’s also probably, I must admit, a very bad novel.4 Adult content warning.3

This is the novel that actually got me an agent. Long sad story short: he retired and dumped me before he found me a publisher. Again, “real life with weirdness added.” It too has been professionally edited and is about twenty times better than it was when the agent originally took me on. Adult content warning.3

This one takes place some twenty years in the future. It features one main human character, three or four peripheral human characters, and an android. It’s probably also not a very good novel.5 Adult content warning.3

This one is real science fiction: space travel, aliens, and like that (which involved a lot of research). It takes place roughly a quarter century from now but in a world unlike that of THE DIDGE. Adult content warning.3

Again, “real life with weirdness added.” It takes place “now.” There are parallel universes but handled differently from those in INSIDE OUT. In the middle there is a long fantasy section, which is slightly bizarre because I don’t much like fantasy. Adult content warning.3

1 Just post a comment (it will not automatically be published), and I’ll get in touch with you.

2 Well, no, actually it isn’t. I recently reread it on my Kindle (yes, I have found out how to transfer material from my computer to my Kindle), which makes the reading experience indistinguishable from the experience of reading a real, published book. I was chagrined to discover that the first third of INSIDE OUT is actually not very good and really needs rewriting. This makes sense, as it’s the book I learned to write on, and it took me a while (a third of the book) to learn how. I’m confident that it can be fixed, however: I enjoy rewriting, and I’m good at it. But I’m not going to bother until somebody shows some interest.

3 This means that none of these could be published as Young Adult novels, and that if you dislike graphic sexual descriptions, you will not like them. Also, I’m afraid that if you are under eighteen, you can’t read them.

4 I’ve reread this one too, on the Kindle, and it is indeed very, very bad. This despite the fact that there are parts of it and characters in it that I love, and that it’s very well written. And this comment showcases my remarkable modesty.

5 I’ve now also reread this one on my Kindle, and guess what, it’s actually not as bad as I thought! And it too is very well written.